Seeds of Destruction – From Lidice to Rubizhne: The Totality of War (The Russian Invasion of Ukraine #83) — Europe Between East And West

It has been over thirty years now, but I can still recall the moment when I first read the story of Lidice. The inhabitants of this small village in central Bohemia were rounded up on June 10, 1942, by Nazi German police and security forces. The villagers were then either murdered or deported to concentration […]

Seeds of Destruction – From Lidice to Rubizhne: The Totality of War (The Russian Invasion of Ukraine #83) — Europe Between East And West


  1. A monstrous evil has descended upon Ukraine and most of the world is indifferent. Is there anything that will force a change of policy from Biden?

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      • An Australian called Jim Rickards predicted the invasion/genocide last year, long before the allies published their intel. At the time it was unbelievable.

        Rickards is conspiracy theorist and closet putlerite, but he gets some things right. An extract from his latest newsletter:

        “Russia growing richer by the day. Sanctions are another Biden failure.

        In the immediate aftermath of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the US responded with an unprecedented wave of severe economic and financial sanctions. These sanctions included seizing the assets of Russian oligarchs, excluding Russian banks from the international payment message system called SWIFT, freezing the assets of the Central Bank of Russia, prohibiting new investment in Russia, banning exports of semiconductors and high-tech equipment to Russia, banning Russian commercial aircraft from landing in the United States (except for emergency landings), and blocking exports of Russian oil to the US. The EU, UK, Canada, Japan, and other allies introduced similar sanctions. Russia retaliated by prohibiting exports of strategic metals and other essential inputs to its adversaries and selectively cutting off its exports of natural gas to Poland and Finland.

        A full-scale financial war is underway, side-by-side with the kinetic war on the ground. How is the financial war going? As described in this article, it’s not going well at all for the US and its allies. Oligarch assets such as yachts and townhouses have been seized, but that’s exactly what Putin wants. Putin’s support comes from the military, intelligence services, the Orthodox Church, and everyday Russians. Putin regards the oligarchs as potential threats, so he’s happy to see the US destroy them financially.

        The Russian ruble is actually stronger than it was before the war began. It was 80-to-1 US dollar in late February, and today is about 70-to-1 — a 13% gain. Most importantly, Russia’s trade surplus rose to US$96 billion in the January–April 2022 period, which is more than triple the surplus for the same period in 2021.

        Despite all of the sanctions talk in the media, oil and natural gas are still flowing from Russia to Europe, and Russia is still being paid in dollars or euros. These payments are directed to a special account at Russia’s Gazprombank and are not subject to seizure by the US (although Russia is limited in terms of what they can ultimately do with the funds). Russia has suffered a slight decline in GDP and mild inflation, but the US has suffered far more. Prices for energy, food, and housing in the US are soaring, in part because of the supply chain disruptions caused by the financial warfare started by the US. It’s another case of the US not being able to think even two moves ahead when it rushes into feel-good sanctions.

        The US has said that the sanctions will not be lifted until the last Russian troops leave Ukraine. The Russians are not leaving Ukraine. So, get ready for a lot more financial pain as the war drags on and the costs pile up.”

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        • I wouldn’t place so much faith in what a putlerite says, Scradge, in particular to one who has no inkling about economics. In any economic system, you can cherry-pick the info to “illuminate” its virtues. This is what this guy is doing. Many trolls also point out the ruble’s performance, for instance, which, lately, has been the best performing currency in the world, trailing only the Brazilian real. Every expert, however, agrees that the ruble’s value is artificial. It’s costing the country dearly to prop it up, and it cannot be a lasting effort. Indeed, it’s already dropping again. I don’t know anyone who would be willing to pay for the ruble at its current rate. No one is so dumb. Looking at the black market figures in mafia land will give you a better conception on its true value.
          To look at mafia land’s true economic situation, one must look at such things as consumer shortages, job uncertainty, loss of purchasing power, high inflation, living standards are collapsing and manufacturing of certain items are made difficult to impossible. These are real aspects that cannot be embellished like some Potemkin Village.
          True, while it will hurt an average ruskie in Moscow not being able to buy a new smartphone, the average babushka and dedushka in bumfuckegypt won’t be bothered at all by this. It’s also true that the West could do more to tighten the economic thumbscrew, but it will still be a long and dark economic period that the ruskies must go through before any hope for improvement will reappear. It won’t happen under the rat, that’s for sure. And, no grooming and preening of this dead economic bush by such guys as Rickards will change hard facts that the bush is dead.
          As for the oligarchs and their confiscated assets and putler being glad over this, that’s only his opinion. Maybe it’s true and maybe it’s not. I don’t know.

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          • Rest assured I don’t. The guy’s an arsehole.

            Some of his stuff is accurate, but it’s a hit and miss affair. The passage is largely correct, but there is one glaring error :

            “Putin regards the oligarchs as potential threats, so he’s happy to see the US destroy them financially.”

            Completely wrong. Anti-putler oligarchs, such as Mikhail Khordakovsky, were purged long ago. Those remaining; and there are a lot, are custodians of RuSSian criminal money, including putler’s own stash of $200 billion.

            But the rest is pretty much on the money.

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      • Jack Swindle from the FB page Pray for Ukraine, says today :

        “🇺🇦 Day 93 of the war in Ukraine!
        Jesus said, “If they are not against us, they are with us. “ likewise the same is true, Evil begets Evil.
        I can’t believe there are so many people who don’t care if Ukraine wins this war ! The cruelty and atrocities are increasing every day and at the same time the Russian rocket attacks have intensified. Where is the outrage? Voices against evil should be shouted. Prayers to God against evil should be proclaimed. Thank you to all who earnestly prays for Ukraine. I believe your words to God has helped to sustain Ukraine so far. As the evil assault increases, our words to the world should become louder and our prayers to God should become stronger.
        “Those who loves righteousness and Hates evil, an oil of Joy will be poured upon them.“
        Hebrew 1:9

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        • Its right there for everyone to read. Good people are called to fight evil and evil must be named. It is putin. Too many people are managed by their pockets and Jesus would be toppling merchants and tax collectors tables I think.

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