In the Russian Federation they will make their own smartphones and computers, but they immediately warn about “quality”

Meanwhile, the supply of smartphones and imported electronics in Russian stores is running out.

Nobody bought another iPhone killer from Russia / Screenshot
Nobody bought another iPhone killer from Russia / Screenshot

Due to the decision of the largest manufacturers of equipment to suspend deliveries to the Russian Federation , in a rogue country they want to start producing their own smartphones and computers.

Actually, they are already being produced, the Russian Mass Media quotes the words of one of the State Duma deputies.

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He noted that the “element base of domestic manufacturers” is able to quickly increase the production of microelectronics And he stressed that the country allegedly has everything for this.

How quickly, how well – a separate question. Yes, of course, without this it is impossible … – the source quotes the deputy.

Google stopped licensing Russian Android

This became known at the end of March. In other words, Russian tech companies no longer have the right to release Android smartphones with Android and GMS (Google services) for the Russian market.

Even earlier, State Duma deputy Maria Butina showed in the case the Russian smartphone AYYA T1 , which was designed to completely replace Apple products. However, for some reason there is an assumption that it did not become a mass commercial product.

Recall that since February, many companies, in particular Apple and Samsung, have suspended the supply of their products to Russia. In this regard , the popularity of feature phones is growing again in the country – push-button phones with a minimum of functions. Deliveries of “dialers” in the first quarter grew by 43%, while imports of smartphones decreased by 14%.

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  1. However, for some reason there is an assumption that it did not become a mass commercial product.

    Like with every Russian produced product, wodka excluded.

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  2. The new Russphone. Only available in Muscovy unfortunately. Russia restricted exports to CIS countries only, to prevent the West from stealing this technology.

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