In the Black Sea, the Russian Federation keeps two carriers of Caliber cruise missiles in readiness for use

The occupiers keep two ships with Kalibr cruise missiles in the Black Sea.

Ships with cruise missiles are kept in readiness \ photo REUTERS
Ships with cruise missiles are kept in readiness \ photo REUTERS

As of today, two Russian carriers of Kalibr-type sea -launched cruise missiles are in readiness for use in the Black Sea.

This was announced by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of video

“Two carriers of sea-based cruise missiles of the Caliber type are in readiness for the use of missile weapons in the Black Sea,” the message says.

As UNIAN reported earlier, today four  ships  of the Russian Black Sea Fleet were spotted at the berths of the Grafskaya Bay of Sevastopol. The fuel base of the Black Sea Fleet is located on the shore of Grafskaya Bay. Five Russian ships in the Black Sea  continue to threaten with missile strikes on the territory of Ukraine, however, due to the storm, some of the ships went to shelters near the Russian-occupied Crimea.

(C0UNIAN 2022


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