Germany almost did not deliver weapons to Ukraine in nine weeks – Welt

Between March 30 and May 26, Ukraine received only two shipments of weapons from the German government. Both batches contained only small devices.

Olaf Scholz publicly promised further arms supplies to Ukraine / photo
Olaf Scholz publicly promised further arms supplies to Ukraine / photo

Over the past nine weeks, the German government has reduced military support to Ukraine to a minimum.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz refused to supply Ukraine with heavy weapons like tanks and armored personnel carriers, citing agreements with NATO allies. But since the end of March, Germany has hardly delivered any light weapons worthy of mention, writes the German publication Welt am Sonntag , citing documents in its video

It is noted that in the period from March 30 to May 26, Ukraine received only two batches of weapons from the German government. Both batches contained only small devices. Germany shipped 3,000 anti-tank mines and another 1,600 specialized directional anti-tank mines in mid-May, according to the list.

The previous shipment, which arrived in Ukraine a month earlier, contained only machine gun parts, igniters, detonating cords, radios, hand grenades, explosive charges and mines.

“Information about specific arms transfers is security related and classified, so I ask for your understanding that I can neither provide further details nor confirm the details,” a DoD spokeswoman told WELT.

According to the Ukrainian side, the last delivery of anti-aircraft and anti-tank weapons took place more than two months ago, on March 25. It included 2,000 Panzerfaust 3 missiles and 1,500 Strela anti-aircraft missiles.

However, according to the Ukrainian list of March 29, the need for these munitions still remains. In addition, in addition to the Stinger anti-aircraft missile systems and anti-tank weapons, the Ukrainian army also needs anti-ship missiles of the Harpoon type. Ukraine confirmed the latter to Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht in letters dated 9 April and 1 May.

However, Germany has not yet complied with Ukraine’s requests for necessary arms supplies, although Chancellor Scholz has publicly promised further deliveries. For several weeks, he repeated that support for Kyiv continued. Last time – at the World Economic Forum in Davos on Thursday: “Putin will enter into serious peace negotiations only if he realizes that he cannot break the defense capability of Ukraine. Therefore, we support Ukraine.”

With no military aid from Berlin in weeks, the German government is moving away from its allies, who continue to supply light weapons in addition to heavy equipment, WELT notes. So, on Saturday, Kiev reported that it had received Harpoon missiles from Denmark and even more self-propelled howitzers from the United States.

Regarding heavy weapons, Scholz said that “always keep pace with NATO partners,” and support for Ukraine was “closely coordinated with our partners and allies.” Since no NATO country supplies Western-style tanks, this was the reason for the refusal to supply Ukraine with German battle tanks and armored personnel carriers, writes WELT.

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    • Why should Ukraine want to belong to any association with these and other ass wipes like France and Hungary and Italy as members They’re selfish mother fuckers that’ll allow a country to go through genocide without any help and just pure hindrance

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  1. Either the kraut military is in a much worse shape than anyone realized, or the kraut government is sorrier than anyone realized.
    At any rate, Scholz is every bit the filthy liar as his friend in the crime syndicate, Russia.

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