The “special military operation” is just a squalid land grab by a fascist imperialist power.

By Lemuel Chyme, Palookaville Free Press

May 26

The hateful lies, filthy slurs and absurd claims of “protecting Russian speakers” are just a cover for planned, systematic genocide, destruction and theft.

Can Ukraine stop Russia from executing a land grab that will leave them with less than 80% of their territory?

Not without much more help and at lightning speed, that is for sure.

Russia is on target to take all of Donetsk oblast, all of Luhansk oblast, all of Kherson oblast, plus possibly more. Putting it simply, it has deployed the forces originally earmarked for a takeover of all Ukraine for a takeover of eastern Ukraine. Orc losses mean nothing to them. Dictatorships don’t mind taking massive losses, as long as they achieve their objectives.

Putin would then declare an end to the “special military operation” and consolidate, just as he is now with Kherson. The whole region will become a fortress and the defacto Russian border will have moved. However, it is highly likely that bombing and shelling of other Ukrainian cities will continue indefinitely, as will the Black Sea blockade.

The attitude at that point will be like the thug who says “come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough!” Knowing full well that without enormous manpower resources, enormous air power and naval support, such an operation would be unlikely to succeed. Ukraine would be in the same position as any invader that was trying to prise land away from Russia itself.

We can predict already that the west won’t help; except with feeble sanctions, which will never be enough.

While Russia consolidates its annexation and builds up its forces for its next onslaught possibly a few years down the line, possibly sooner, Ukraine will be left with a weakened country that is almost totally dependent on the west for support. And that support will never be enough.

The right thing to do now would be for Boris/Biden/Duda to launch a joint operation to provide air and sea cover for Ukraine as it attempts to stop Russia completing its latest theft off Ukraine and then retakes Kherson, Mariupol and Donbas.

Will they do it? It looks like they have already reached the limit of their support and Ukraine is on her own. The Ukrainians have repeatedly asked for MLRS’s. Only yesterday, Dmytro Kuleba said his country “badly” needs multiple launch rocket systems to match Russian firepower. They need them yesterday. Plus they need other stuff that can actually outmatch the enemy.

The treacherous EU; led by France and Germany, refuses to stop trading with Russia and may well even have indicated privately that they will still do business with them even after this latest annexation has taken place.

“Moscow is waiting for Kyiv to accept Moscow’s demands and realize the de facto situation – the real situation that exists,” Peskov said.

It’s a demand for an unconditional surrender, coming from a sly, evil propagandist who represents a genocidal regime.

Russia shills on the right such as Tucker Carlson, Michael Savage and the Trump wing of the GOP were advocating “land for peace” from day one of Russia’s genocidal onslaught.

That movement has only grown since then to include elements of liberals, the left and far left. Noam Chomsky; the communist anarchist, has come out of hibernation to champion the cause. The NYT published an outrageous editorial that mirrored Chomsky and now someone has disembalmed Kissinger to preach the same insulting mantra. This despite the fact that Kissinger fled from nazi Germany in 1938 to live in America. He nevertheless wants Ukrainians to suffer exactly the same fate that he escaped from.

Macron is probably leading the European push for a Ukrainian surrender, along with Scholtz, and other integrity-free regimes such as those of Hungary, Italy, Greece etc.

As Churchill said about appeasers:

“Each one hopes that if he feeds the crocodile enough, the crocodile will eat him last. All of them hope that the storm will pass before their turn comes to be devoured. But I fear greatly that the storm will not pass. It will rage and it will roar ever more loudly, ever more widely.”

God bless Ukraine and protect her from savages.


  1. “The Ukrainians have repeatedly asked for MLRS’s. ”

    Ukraine won’t get these, because Biden doesn’t want to provoke Russia. What a joke, the most powerful military in the world backing down against a gang of genocidal rapists using medieval warfare methods.

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