The EU will partially cancel free travel for Ukrainians: when and who will it affect

From June 1, some countries will cancel free travel for refugees from Ukraine, but

Free travel for Ukrainians / photo UNIAN, Janos Nemes
Free travel for Ukrainians / photo UNIAN, Janos Nemes

From June 1, EU countries will partially cancel free travel for Ukrainians  on public transport. Some countries will make travel for migrants paid, but will offer benefits. This is reported by the European site for immigrants.

Which countries will cancel free travel for migrants

From June 1, travel will be paid in  Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, Switzerland and the Czech Republic .

At the same time, some of these countries will offer Ukrainians preferential travel at a reduced price.

Thus, in Germany, Ukrainians will be able to purchase a ticket for 9 euros for all types of public transport and travel on regional trains. In  the Czech Republic, a ticket for all modes of transport will cost 7 euros. Presumably, to buy a discounted travel pass, you will need to present a Ukrainian passport at the checkout.

In Poland , from June 1, Ukrainians will have the right to free travel only on routes from several cities in Poland: Chelm, Dorohusk, Lublin, Hrubeshev, Przemysl, Zaguzh, Yaroslav and Rzeszow.

Other rules for transporting refugees in Poland will not change. For example, Ukrainians who have crossed the border since February 24 and belong to the following groups can ride the 2nd class TLK and IC trains for free:

  • children under 18;
  • women;
  • men over 60;
  • men aged 18 to 60 with a disability.

Other countries can also make the travel chargeable in the summer – the list will be supplemented on  a special EU website  for Ukrainian refugees.

(C)UNIAN 2022

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