Russia’s foreign exchange reserves have fallen by $ 60 billion since the start of the full-scale war 

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Russia’s international reserves as of May 20 amounted to $ 583.4 billion, compared to $ 585.7 billion as of May 13. Thus, for the week they decreased by $ 2.3 billion.

This is evidenced by data on the official website of the Bank of Russia.

Russia’s international (gold and foreign exchange) reserves consist of foreign currency funds, special drawing rights of the International Monetary Fund, a reserve position with the IMF and monetary gold.

As reported, after the start of a full-scale Russian military invasion of Ukraine, Western countries froze about half of Russia’s gold and foreign exchange reserves totaling about $ 300 billion.

At the same time, before the full-scale invasion of Russia into Ukraine, a record amount of Russian reserves was recorded in its history – $ 643.2 billion as of February 18, 2022.

Because of this, Russian President Vladimir Putin was forced to introduce the mandatory sale of 80% of foreign exchange earnings by exporters. In addition, the CBR banned the sale of currency to Russians and imposed a number of other restrictions on the foreign exchange market. Джерело:


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  1. Much more money will be flushed down the toilet before all of this is over. Utter poverty is awaiting this warmongering trash country in the future. Although, justice is delayed, it is coming with certainty.

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