From the FB page of Oleksiy Goncharenko

May 26

(Translation). :-

If you think about the words of Kissinger, it’s purely about disrespect to Ukraine and Ukrainians.

And there are a lot of these kiss messengers. They are everywhere: so some Serbian figure will declare something, then Italian, then some other. This disrespect to Ukraine has interrogated international relations. There is Russia – “big” country, and there is Ukraine – well something there somewhere, once and somehow.

For example, Israel has banned transmitting anti-tank missiles to us – because it fears we will kill Russian soldiers and then Russia will retaliate Israel through Syria.

What is this? Pragmatism? Nope. This is also a disrespect. Do you know why? Look, the war has begun and the whole world surprisedly realized that Ukraine feeds 400 million people. It turns out, Ukraine is an agrarian support. Do you know who is incredibly addicted to Ukraine? Egypt. And if Egypt is not fed up, there will be riots, revolutions, protests. And you know who’s going to get hurt? First of all, Israel.

Now back to the start. Why isn’t Israel taking this into account? Egypt’s challenge is much greater than Syria’s. Because Ukraine is not respected. We are somewhere on the side. Well, we will never use our opportunities for our own interests. Correct! We’re not going to blackmail Israel with food security, are we? And Russia will be.

This disrespect for Ukraine is surprising. Ukrainian elites controlled the Soviet Union. And not only because of the exits from Ukraine (Khrushchev, Brezhnev), but also look at the interesting trips of foreign leaders. Usually they flew into moscow and then to Kyiv starting with Nixon and ending with Trudeau Sr. And these weren’t just visits. These visits were because of understanding the power in the Soviet Union and the importance of Ukraine in it.

What is this, this disrespect is an elite problem. All these kissingers have become possible because instead of showing force, we were dealing with inferiority complex. Instead of controlling actually all of Egypt’s politics – sat back silently and watched as Russia establish its influence in the Middle East. And there are many such examples.

We do rockets, satellites, engines, steel, metalurgy. Our farmer is one of the largest and strongest in the world. Our IT industry is one of the most advanced and growing on the continent. And we still feel like a small, unnecessary and uninfluential Eastern European country.

This needs to be finished. We will be respected when we start doing it ourselves. When will we understand that we ourselves are not the worst people on this planet (that’s why there are Russians in the world). And when we start living in this world by the rules of this world.

Remember the politics of Israel, remember the politics of Hungary, remember the politics in Germany. And to react. To react. We’ve got decades ahead of us. And if you don’t respect us now, we won’t respect you later. Yet our grain will not go anywhere. And the Russian troops in Syria will soon retreat.

sic transit gloria mundi


    • And if Vladolf DID use a nuke these spaghetti spines would say the same thing, that he might use ANOTHER nuke…..
      All this would have been different if the pussies in Germany and France would have shown some understanding for freedom in 2008, 2014 or even for the slow ones in 2022. Nope, we are worried about Vladolf’s mood and the fucking price of gas. Its a good thing Hitler didn’t have gas or oil we would all be speaking German.

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      • Indeed, money and energy are much more important than human lives. Not only a few, but millions. These are the shit nuggets who think that they stand for democracy, freedom and human rights. Hypocrites all!

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