UN: due to the blockade of Ukrainian ports, world wheat reserves are left for 10 weeks

The world is on the verge of a global food disaster due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the blockade of ports, which made it impossible to export Ukrainian wheat.

This was discussed at the UN Security Council meeting on 19. 

Food security expert Sarah Menker, CEO of the agricultural analytical company Gro Intelligence, told the Security Council members that, according to estimates, there are 10 weeks left of new supplies of world wheat stocks.

This poses a threat to the survival of about 400 million people from countries that were previously focused on the purchase of Ukrainian grain. These are mainly states from Africa and the Middle East. It is noted that many of these countries are in a state of conflict or post-war reconstruction, so food shortages or a sharp jump in bread prices in them can provoke a wave of aggression in the region.

It should be noted that Andrei Rudenko, Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation, has already begun to blackmail Western countries – he said that the occupying country could lift the blockade of ports in exchange for lifting sanctions on Russian exports and financial transactions. In addition, he believes that Ukraine should independently clear the transport routes in the Black Sea


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  1. Typical of the UN, they are very good about announcing problems and counting the dead but absolutely horrible about actually preventing these issues. You know a bureaucracy is over loaded when they are so cumbersome that can’t be proactive, only reactive.

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