From the FB page of Oleksiy Goncharenko

May 24

Twitter diplomacy, as it should be.

Here Kissenger stated that Ukraine should abandon our land, and the West should try not to defeat Putin.

Answered by this “smart guy”. I don’t think there is a translation needed.


  1. I first heard of Mr Goncharenko in his brilliant interview with The Telegraph: “Putin is the Hitler of the 20th century.”
    A member of the Petro Poroshenko bloc, he is a rising star in Ukrainian politics. His FB page is very active and always worth a look because he is relentlessly optimistic during these dark, dark days.

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  2. Sure, you old sack of shit, it’s always easy to hand over other people’s property, sin’t it?
    Clearly, Kissinger’s time as diplomat are completely over. There isn’t even a spark of talent left over. All gone, all burned up. In such a case, it’s much better AND wiser to just shut up.

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