From the FB page of Oleksiy Goncharenko

May 25

From Google translation, so it’s an approximation:

The invaders are preparing a “simplified” transition of residents of Kherson and Zaporozhye regions to Russian citizenship.

Remember what these freaks sang at the very beginning of the war. “No, we are not going to occupy new territories.” It’s good that no one believed Putin and his cronies: if there is a chance to spoil at least one square meter with their non-combatants, the rashists will take advantage of it.

Do not be fooled by the news about the transition to Russian passports of peaceful Ukrainians. When they threaten you and your family, counting the ribs with the barrel of a machine gun, this is no longer a matter of ethics or patriotism. There and so our land, our people. Therefore, our army will return there, and the invaders will lie down in eternal rest.

A new weapon has never been so requested to fight. First, the enemy onslaught will be contained on one sector of the front – and then we will have to be restrained. But something tells me that the rashists will not cope with this.

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