Shameful PUTIN Thief! Ukraine sinks 1 of 2 Russian ships entering a Ukrainian port to steal grain

Satellite images show images of two Russian ships starting to steal grain in Ukraine’s harbor.

Footage in Crimea’s port of Sevastopol saw two Russian-branded bulk carriers dock at the port and load up what is believed to be stolen Ukrainian grain – a scenario consistent with Kyiv’s allegation that Moscow are “gradually stealing” and trying to sell Ukrainian food products as well as creating a global food crisis by blocking key exports.

The images are dated May 19 and 21 by US-based Maxar Technologies.

They show two warships – the Matros Pozynich and the Matros Koshka – docked next to what appears to be a grain silo with grain pouring out of the perimeter into an open storage.

The Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security of the Ministry of Ukraine said: “New satellite images from Maxar Technologies show that stolen Ukrainian grain is being loaded on Russian ships in Crimea. grain in the port of Sevastopol. temporarily occupied.”

Today, May 24, Ukraine sank one of two Russian ships that stole grain in its harbor. Satellite images show a ship burning “violently” when four Ukrainian rockets. This was a successful air strike to stop PUTIN’s theft and food crisis plot. The President of Ukraine, Mr. Volodymyr zelensky, said that our attack on this target caused the sinking of a Russian food ship. Although we also lost a large amount of grain that was pumped on board by the enemy, we would rather let it be dumped into the sea than let the enemy take it away,” volodymyr zelensky stressed.

We succeeded when the Russian multi-billion dollar ship was sunk by the precision strike of four missiles, zelensky added.

According to ship tracking site, both ships were preparing to leave the port of Matros Pozynich when one of them was hit by a missile and sank.

It has not yet been independently verified how much grain the ship was able to steal when it sank and how many people died on board.

This is a very painful blow to PUTIN, as the thief has to pay a “too high” price.


  1. As usual Ukraine have to sort out this problem themselves. Where are the ships to arrest this blatant theft by the rapists? Where is the West to help Ukraine destroy this blockade?

    • There are still questions about this. I wonder how they hit Sevastopol too. I know Denmark was going to let Ukraine use their portable harpoon missile launchers but I doubt they’re in position yet. And I don’t know if the Neptune missiles can travel that far. It still is great news and good news for the fish too! Looks like meat is back on the menu boys!

      • The ship wasn’t in Sevastopol as far as I know. My guess it was in the Azov. BTW, just heard than Dodon has been arrested.

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