Russian women are ready to forgive Putin for the death of their sons in Ukraine for 5 million rubles (video)

It is by receiving money that Russian women justify their silence after their children and husbands died in Putin’s senseless war in Ukraine.

Tatyana's son allegedly died in Ukraine / screen video
Tatyana’s son allegedly died in Ukraine / screen video

Women in Russia admit that they are ready to “forgive” Putin for the death of their men in the war against Ukraine for 5 million rubles in compensation. It is by receiving money that Russian women justify their silence even after the death of their relatives in Putin’s bloody war.

This was told in an interview with journalist Ekaterina Gordeeva by the mother of the Russian military contractor of the Taman division Vadim Kolodiya – Tatyana.

According to her, what will happen to the other dead and their mothers, these Russian women do not care.

“In the chats in which I am a member, including the Taman division, one of the mothers said that “Putin estimated the life of my son at 5 million. Why should I move on, rant, if I get this money? “. I say: what about other children? And orphans? How many orphans died in their 20s?”, – says the mother of the Russian occupier.

“Is she ready to forgive the death of her son for 5 million?” – the journalist Gordeeva asked in surprise.

“Yes,” Tatyana Kolodiy answered her.

“But don’t you want to help other mothers? Help those children? She says no,” the Russian woman says about her communication with one of the mothers of the dead occupiers.

Kolodiy herself had already “buried” her son five times. She was told that her son had died, but the body was not handed over and conflicting information was given about the fate of the military man.

“I buried him five times,” she says, adding that she believes her son is alive.

According to the woman, her son, Vadim Kolodiy, consciously chose contract service and was going to receive a higher military education.

According to the contract, according to the occupant’s mother, they were paid 27,000 rubles a month and were promised another 40,000 rubles a month “during a business trip.” The woman claims that her son did not know that they were being sent to Ukraine.

(C)UNIAN 2022


  1. As a father, it baffles me to the utmost how a parent can accept the useless death of a child for a monster and a sack full of toilet paper. No, mafia land isn’t as bad as Nazi Germany, it is worse!


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