From the FB page of Oleksii Goncharenko

May 23

Met with a great friend of our country, the Republican Senator Roger Wicker in Davos.

Discussed war crimes of occupiers and new shipments of weapons for Ukraine. The whole world understands how important it is now to support and really strengthen our struggle against Russia. Keep working to bring the win closer!

Another post from Mr Goncharenko. May 24:

(Translation) :

Three months after the war began.

An unfair, aggressive, cruel war.

In these three months, we’ve gone from what the world thinks we’d be invaded in three days, to what the world believes we can defeat one of the strongest armies in the world.

In these three months, we have done what no generation in our history has ever done. We stood and now Ukraine will be forever.

And I want right now that you and I made a promise to each other. As the whole world helps us, we must help everyone who is in a difficult situation.

After the victory, we have to become a beneficiary country. If there is a war, we are the first to open the borders and accept people. If there is grief, we are the first to send humanitarian aid. If there is injustice, we are the first to offer our fists against the aggressor.

The world is built on values. In some countries these are the true Christian values: love, mercy, empathy. In others – you know which. Our border with Russia is really a border with Mordorom and Orcs. Our border with Russia is the border that separates us from evil, hate and hell. And we will not let this border move. We will stand.

I’m proud of each of you, proud of all the world that helps us, proud that I live right now. Ukraine has won already morally, Ukraine will win on the battlefield.

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine! Let’s keep the stretch going!

One comment

  1. With Roger Wicker as president, the world would be a better and safer place.
    Trump would also make an excellent president; of Russia. At least he would be an improvement on putler. He can take Don Jr, as well as his putlerite friends Stone, Manafort, Savage, Carlson, Taylor-Greene, Flynn, Vance and both of the Pauls.

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