Former Chancellor Schröder to become Commissioner at Gazprom

BERLIN (REUTERS) – Former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder has been officially nominated for a seat on the supervisory board of Russian state gas company Gazprom. The German medium Der Spiegel writes this on the basis of information from the Reuters news agency.

Former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder is considered a close confidant of Vladimir Putin.


Schröder announced last week that he is stepping down as a commissioner at the Russian oil company Rosneft. According to him, it has been made impossible for him to extend his mandate. It was already known that Schröder was a candidate at Gazprom. Not yet the official presentation.

Confidant of Putin

Schröder is considered a close confidant of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The German parliament previously decided to scrap some privileges for the former head of government. The European Parliament even wants to impose sanctions on Schröder and other Kremlinge-minded ex-politicians. The former chancellor is damaging Germany’s prestige in the world by not distancing himself from Putin, criticized the parliament in Berlin. He loses a state-paid office with staff.

It is possible that his party, the SPD, will expel Schröder. That will be discussed by an arbitration committee next month.



  1. Let’s see for how long he can keep his actual place. Not as a Board Supervisor, but at his actual place. Another hypothesis is to what extent he may help change Putin’s orientations… hopefully.

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