Zhirinovsky’s son completely changed his name and is going to Spain – journalist (photo)

Now his name is David Alexandrovich Garcia.

Zhirinovsky with his son 
Zhirinovsky with his son 

The eldest son of the late Russian politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky and former Vice Speaker of the State Duma Igor Lebedev completely changed his name, surname and patronymic. Now his name is David Alexandrovich Garcia.

According to the Russian Telegram channel Baza , the name change took place in the summer of 2021, when he announced his departure from Russian politics and the LDPR party forever.

“The reason for this decision could be the sanctions that the European Union imposed on Zhirinovsky’s son back in 2014. Since that moment, the ex-deputy has lost the opportunity to travel to Europe, where his family members have a lot of real estate,” the report says. 

Zhirinovsky's son changed his name / photo t.me/bazabazon
Zhirinovsky’s son changed his name / photo t.me/bazabazon

According to Ukrainian journalist Denis Kazansky, Zhirinovsky’s son is going to Spain. 

“Just a classic of Russian imperial patriotism. Dad made a fortune, hanging noodles on his ears about the greatness of Russia … And the children and grandchildren eventually packed their bags and went to squander their inheritance in the damned west, leaving war, poverty and eternal sanctions to the fooled fans of the possessed Zhirik,” – said the journalist.

David will be fine now. And Vanka the Fool, having seen enough of Zhirinovsky’s speeches on TV, will burn in a tank during the assault on Severodonetsk and will remain a nameless firebrand in the steppes of Donbass,” he added.

Recall that  Vladimir Zhirinovsky died on April 4 . According to the official version, the cause of his death was the consequences of a coronavirus infection.

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