The general said what is needed to liberate Kherson: there is one difficulty

To knock the enemy out of the city, you need to have the strength and means of one to three, says Marchenko.

Kherson and most of the region are under Russian occupation / photo: Lyudmila Denisova
Kherson and most of the region are under Russian occupation / photo: Lyudmila Denisova

The Ukrainian army is able to liberate Kherson and the village of Snigirevka of the Nikolaev region from the invaders.

Major General Dmitry Marchenko, who commanded the defense of Nikolaev at the beginning of the full-scale military aggression of the Russian Federation, told about this in an interview with the Nikvesti website.

The general says that tactical time was lost in these areas, which allowed the enemy to go there and settle.

“When they attacked from the wheels, then it was easier to resist, to fight, and when they already begin to equip positions, this is already called positional defense. means one to three. If a company is buried there, we need to put forward at least a battalion there in order to have at least some advantage,” says Marchenko.

Answering a question about the difficulties of liberating the occupied cities, Marchenko recalled the principle of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – not to shoot at civilians.

“If in the first days of the war they went out onto the roads and we successfully beat them there, then they understood – they go into the village, that’s all, we don’t shoot into the village, because our people are there. There was even such a case: the head of the UTC called and said: “That’s it, there are no people there, there are a lot of tanks, you can demolish this village from the face of the earth.” Then, as it turned out, he was simply taken prisoner and forced to call. All the people who were sitting in the basements, the Russians drove upstairs, hid themselves in the basements “, he said.

“We have a principle – if there are 3-4 families in the village, we do not hit the village. This complicated our resistance and the procedure for conducting hostilities, it made it very difficult, but these are our principles,” the general added.

Earlier, military expert Sergei Grabsky explained that the invaders  quickly captured the Kherson region , because a powerful group was concentrated there. For the Armed Forces of Ukraine, holding the isthmus with the temporarily occupied Crimea, according to him, would be too difficult.

(C)UNIAN 2022


  1. “holding the isthmus with the temporarily occupied Crimea, according to him, would be too difficult.”

    It could be a problem with translation, but the above suggests that they don’t think they will attempt the liberation of Kherson?

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    • Maybe they will do it in a roundabout way, Scradge. I doubt they will risk a full head on assault. Be it as it may, I don’t want the Ukrainian general staff to divulge anything at all. We can’t make the same stupid mistakes that the cockroaches are making. Secrecy is half the battle.

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  2. Maybe they indeed will not try to do it.
    It makes a lot of sense.
    Ukraine has a much smaller army, so they cannot afford actions that result in too many losses.

    Ukraine mostly uses defensive tactics that are much more costly for the invader. It would not surprise me if they will just cut them off from supplies instead and first focus on the areas around Kherson.

    I am optimistic Ukraine can win this war, but they should avoid close combat as much as possible. And that seems to be the tactic. That is why they wait with counterattacking until long range weapons are available. But against a city they are of no use as it would kill civilians too.

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  3. I must admit that I do not like to discuss Ukrainian strategies and tactics, at least in any great detail. I don’t think any mafia general or another one of mafia land’s shit nuggets are waiting to see what we have to say, but you never know…

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