Money, Intelligence and Men.

The latest post from retired SAS soldier and great friend of Ukraine; Robin Horsfall

May 23

Wars are not intended to last long. Instigators of war expect a short sharp campaign that shocks an opponent into submission. However, once a strong resistance is encountered from the resident population such as in Afghanistan and Vietnam and the initial shock has been absorbed, the business of war grinds down to money, intelligence and men.

Ukraine now has the financial assistance of Europe, Australia, Japan and the USA so provided that continues Russia has no hope of winning the money war.

Knowledge of an enemy and its capabilities are vital on and off the battle field. Ukrainians who are resident in Russia are an internal 5th column who can see and transmit all movements by telephone. Satellites can see all Russian military actions day and night and direct military resources to counter enemy movements on the battle field on land and sea. The propaganda war is being won by Ukraine with massive coverage of every Russian defeat and war crime. This is important to keep the populations of western nations interested and supportive.

Ukraine has mobilised its male adult population. Allowing for those who are not fighting age it can place up to ten million men in the field who believe in their cause. With western help they will equip large numbers of them. This means that they can afford to take casualties which is a sad fact of prolonged war. On the Russian side they have a conscript army with poor motivation who want to go home. Russia has not mobilised its population, there are doubts that such an act would be legal, popular or supported. They have a large population but as yet they are not in the fight.

The tactical situation is being reported every day by the media but daily reports and small troop movements have little bearing on the big picture. Ukraine is no longer a war of shock and surprise. Ukraine can win if the logistics are maintained, if the intelligence is good and if the Ukrainians stay in the fight (which they will).

Zelensky has stated that he will not cede territory for peace. That means Russia must be forced to leave the field of battle.

Slava Ukraine!

Who Dares Shares.

Robin Horsfall


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