Ukraine’s Government Says It Has Exhausted Tools to Take Steps towards NATO

Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration, Olha Stefanishyna, believes that Ukraine has done what it can to join the Alliance.

She said this in an interview with ICTV on “United News” on Saturday.

According to Stefanishyna, Ukraine considers its application for membership in the Alliance valid, is waiting for NATO to act and does not believe that the ball is now in Ukraine’s court.

“The situation has changed dramatically concerning our Euro-Atlantic aspirations… We assume that in 2008 Ukraine had already applied for NATO membership. It was a well-known letter from three and this application has never been withdrawn,” she said.

The decision on Ukraine’s membership is based on NATO leaders, the Deputy Prime Minister stressed. She called them on to take the next steps in a package on Sweden and Finland.

“We have 99.9% exhausted the tools that allowed us to take steps towards the Alliance. Today, this decision is no longer in Ukraine’s court,” she added, expressing confidence in the military compatibility of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with NATO.

Olha Stefanishyna emphasized that the refusal to provide Ukraine with a MAP in 2008 was a mistake. In her opinion, the Alliance has already learned a lesson. “For me, the decision to accept Sweden and Finland quickly is a recognition of the political mistakes of 2008. The empty promises led to attacks by Russia (on Georgia and later on Ukraine – EuroPravda),” she said, adding that the rapid accession of Finland and Sweden intends to protect them from attack.

On Saturday, the President of Turkey informed the leaders of Sweden and Finland of his position on their accession to NATO.

You can find out more in the article “Finland and Sweden Move Towards NATO Membership. What Does It Change for Ukraine?” as well as in the explanation “Erdogan Opposes: Why Turkey to Block NATO Enlargement.


  1. “We have 99.9% exhausted the tools that allowed us to take steps towards the Alliance. Today, this decision is no longer in Ukraine’s court,”

    Ukraine is going through the ultimate test of membership worthiness; a full-out war with mafia land. And, it’s doing great! Better than expected by 99% of the globe’s population. As a matter of fact, there are only two or three NATO members who would’ve done equally well, and they are the US, UK and Poland. The rest? Forget it. They are either too small, though brave, too weak, or too deep in Putin’s ass to be of any use. And, here, we have the true reason why Ukraine isn’t a member yet; France and Germany. Two of Putin’s most useful idiots.
    Ukraine deserves NATO membership more than the biggest majority of current members, simply due to its superb skill in fighting and its huge courage.

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      • I fully agree. However, the issue is not NATO’s worth or worthlessness, but about Ukraine’s desire to join. I would refrain from doing so, if I were Ukraine. The organization is ill and certain nations won’t allow it to get well anytime soon. Ukraine is better off to either become a military powerhouse or to form alliances with only worthy nations.

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    • The spam filter wouldn’t let me make my point again.

      Simplified, check out the movie, “Wilson’s War,” which had the United States supporting the 1980’s proxy war of Afghanistan versus Russia. It’s easier for NATO countries to quietly support Ukraine with a proxy war, than for them to be in direct WW III combat against a new axis of evil of Russia allied with China and hypothetically, Iran. Two of which also still have ample supplies of nuclear weapons.

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      • Given Ukraine’s willingness to fight for itself, it is better the west supply weapons and material so the nation can defend itself than for outsiders to get directly involved. I seriously believe that if western troops enter Ukraine, then Putin will go nuke and Ukraine will suffer even more than it already has.

        Given the seriously bad demographics of Russia (and Ukraine is in trouble there as well), Putin is squandering his country’s future much more quickly than nature would have done so. When Russia is forced out, he won’t be back. He won’t be able to come back. There only remains Ezekiel Chapters 38 and 39 and Russia will be utterly crushed along with her allies Iran and others.

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      • Sorry about that Mac. It has been a while since I went through the spam filter. I found a couple of your posts in there. Lately we have been mashed by spam. Likely sent from the Kremlin. I found a lot of compliments for our site in there too, lol…
        I approved everything I saw from you. Thanks!

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        • Thank you! I do my best to be respectful while also being as objectively supportive as I can. I’d wondered why the spam filter did that. While I’m remembering about this, I’d also mention that in the movie “Charlie Wilson’s War,” the tactics that Wilson supported for the Afghanis to attack the Russians, was actually kind of similar to Ukraine’s guerrilla fighting, hit and run with infantry-carried, shoulder-fired rockets, against Russian attack helicopters. Though also used against the Russian tanks in Ukraine. Maybe there’s some ideas your fighters can try, though I understand war is often unforgiving of mistakes. I pray the Russians will make MANY of those mistakes, clearly they’d already underestimated Ukrainian resolve and skill.

          Also, maybe Ukrainian musicians can use the successes of their military to create rallying songs like Johnny Horton did with “The Battle of New Orleans.” Ukraine certainly has been sending the Russians into panicked retreats! 😆

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    • Also, in reference to my other comment here, I agree the current situation in Afghanistan is not good, and partly because of the United States. The Afghanis’ previous government became too reliant on American support, and didn’t develop the reconnaissance capability the United States was providing. But biden pulled out too early since he’s a chief idiot from a political party of idiots.

      Unlike Afghanistan, Ukraine does obviously have an effective reconnaissance force in their drone operations, if they’re able to keep active satellite connections for those drones. Which has been more because of a rich businessman than because of weak old biden.

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