“They only mocked”: a student argued with Zakharova about the war in Ukraine (video)

The student’s bold questions aroused Zakharova’s genuine anger. She voiced popular propaganda narratives and remembered “biological laboratories”.

Russian student argued with Zakharova about the war in Ukraine / getty images
Russian student argued with Zakharova about the war in Ukraine / getty images

In Russian Yekaterinburg, a student argued with the speaker of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, regarding the war in Ukraine. The girl said that Russia did not care about the sovereignty of Ukraine and invaded its territory, but this position angered Zakharov. She stated that Russia “respects the sovereignty of Ukraine” because “yesterday we were one state, one people.”

A fragment of this discussion appeared on the network.

The conversation between the student and Zakharova began with a discussion of the “referendum” on the annexation of Crimea to the Russian Federation. The student noted that she considers this pseudo-referendum illegitimate, like the whole civilized world. However, Zakharova demanded to argue this position.

The girl stressed that the “referendum” in Crimea is illegitimate, since no representatives of any international community were involved in its holding. However, this answer provoked hysteria from the press secretary of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

“Who told you this? What are you? There were many international observers there. What are you talking about? Why else do you consider it illegitimate?” Zakharova asked indignantly.

The student noted that Russian troops were in Crimea during the event. However, Zakharova assured that “Russian troops have been there all these years.”

The discussion between the student and Zakharova ended with a discussion of the war in Ukraine. The representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry traditionally stated that the Russian Federation allegedly tried for 8 years “by diplomatic means to prevent the escalation.” Zakharova continued her emotional speech with the topic of “LDNR”, which supposedly “withdrew from Ukraine” and asked “to stand up for them.” In addition, she recalled the “security issues” of the Russian Federation.

It seems that Zakharova decided to use all the “arguments” in this dispute, since she remembered both “30 Pentagon biolaboratories in Ukraine” and “harassment of Russian-speakers.”

“For 8 years we ran after all of them, and they only sneered. That’s all,” she said.

At the end of the discussion, the moderator asked the girl who dared to argue with Zakharova herself to name the faculty, course and specialty. However, Zakharova defiantly asked not to clarify this, they say, so that her interlocutor would not be punished for her position.


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  1. What a very brave girl! Such Russians do give a small speck of hope for the country that is otherwise a shithole. I often wonder; do these mafiosi members actually believe the lies that they vomit? Really???

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