The Mail’s resident Kremlin shill; Peter Hitchens, has surpassed himself today.

WARNING: this orgy of anti-Ukraine hate will make you sick.


  1. For those who don’t know, Hitchens is the UK analogue of Tucker Carlson. He has a large following and unfortunately is more cunning and intelligent than Karlson.

    My comment has not yet been allowed by the mods:

    I edited it down to under 500 words, but here is the original:

    This diabolical article is yet another shocking attempt to slur Ukraine; the victims of the most savage, unjustifiable, indefensible war against Christians since Hitler’s time.
    What has been going on since 2014 is a land grab; plain and simple. Kremlin supporters such as Peter Hitchens have been pushing the same bogus talking points since then, in a despicable attempt to justify mass murder and theft. In Mr Hitchens’ case much longer. In 2010, he travelled to Crimea to set out his case for a full invasion; which duly happened four years later. The sneering contempt that he has for Ukraine was revealed. His view that Ukraine is a “fanciful” country is remarkably similar to that of the little poisoner. So is the naked hatred.
    Since February this year, Russia has been committing planned, systematic genocide in Ukraine, for the first time since The Holodomor. It wants to turn Ukraine into a slave colony. We know this because state media outlet RIA Novosti said so, in what is effectively a genocide handbook. They have bombed and shelled schools, kindergartens, theatres, museums, office blocks, apartment complexes; anywhere where they can murder civilians. They attempted to murder the Governor of Mykolaiv oblast; Vitaliy Kim; a Russian speaker with a Ukrainian mother and a Korean father. He overslept that day, but they managed to murder 60 office workers. Mykolayiv, like Mariupol, is a 100% Russian speaking city; the very people that the snarling rat dictator claims to be “protecting.” The Mayor of Mariupol estimates that 20,000 civilians have been murdered in his city; twice as many as the nazis managed in WW2.
    More than 8500 terrible war crimes have been registered and are being investigated.
    The reports of Danielle Sheridan in the Telegraph and Bel Trew in The Independent of Russian atrocities are unbelievable and truly shattering. Has Mr Hitchens even bothered to read them?
    Overwhelming evidence shows that Russian soldiers systemically tortured, mutilated and executed innocent Ukrainians; sometimes in the street, often in dank basements.
    There is overwhelming evidence of Russian soldiers shooting elderly victims in the back – and raping mothers and their teenage daughters. Girls, women, elderly grandmothers, even babies have been raped.
    Everything they couldn’t steal, they destroyed. Looted goods were and are being sold in bazaars in Belarus, Crimea and Russia at knock down prices. In intercepted calls, Russian “soldiers” boasted to their wives about the jewelry they had thieved for them. Some sought and obtained permission from their laughing wives to rape Ukrainians; which they were duly given, as long as they used “protection.”
    In Ukraine, far right parties poll less than 3%; even when they form a bloc. So Hitchens’ allegations are absurd. The Azov consists of people from that region : ethnic Russians, Russian speaking Jews (“Krymchaks”), Ukrainians, Tatars, Azov Greeks, Azeris etc. They are simply defending their land. The ideology of the kremlin murder gang on the other hand is unmistakably nazi; even down to the cult of personality and the use of the Z symbol, which is just their version of a swastika. Putin’s ideology comes from many sources, including the sinister genocidal maniac; Alexandr Dugin.
    Bandera was held in a concentration camp by the nazis and later poisoned by the KGB. Funny that Hitchens never mentions the fact that Russia started WW2 when it invaded Poland in 1939 with its ally Germany. It committed a series of terrible atrocities known as the Katyn massacres, in which it murdered almost the entire ruling elite of Poland. It repeated this horror with Smolensk in 2010; the very year that Hitchens was writing his articles that justified (in his view) Russia’s activities of murdering its neighbours and thieving their land.

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    • As usual, Sir Scradge, very well said. I wonder why this sack of shit keeps getting allowed to spread his obvious lies on British media, although we have our own sewage department in the US too. I thought that this war would change certain things in the West for the better, but I was sorely wrong.

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      • I’ve got a long history with Hitchens. He has had a weekly column in the Mail for c.15 years. Plus he has a blog, which appears three times a week. Everything he wrote is available in his archives. The cunt’s proud of it! Plus he does lots of TV.
        Until recently he did his own moderation and often used to post insulting replies to my comments, but my replies to his replies were not published. He accuses me of being a Ukraine propagandist, which is a lot like putler calling Ukrainians nazis.
        I offered to do an interview with him. He declined. I suggested that he interview Gary Kasparov. Again of course he declined.
        The Mail often allows decent journalists like Ed Lucas and Ian Birrell to write fair and honest articles about Ukraine/Russia, but Hitchens is a fucking pig.
        Hitchens told me he can’t be a putler shill because Pisscough doesn’t take his calls. I think he’s a fucking liar!

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        • I also think that this shit nugget is a liar – a filthy one – otherwise he couldn’t be a shill for mafia land. Lying is a basic requirement.

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