Sen. Mitt Romney suggests ‘NATO could engage’ in Ukraine, ‘potentially obliterating Russia’s struggling military’ if Putin used nuclear weapons

Republican Sen. Mitt Romney suggested in a New York Times essay that “NATO could engage” in Ukraine, “potentially obliterating Russia’s struggling military” as an option against Russian President Vladimir Putin were he to deploy nuclear weapons.

The Utah senator also suggested that the West confront China and other Russian-allied nations with an ultimatum.

“You are either with us, or you are with Russia — you cannot be with both,” Romney wrote. 

“Russia’s use of a nuclear weapon would unarguably be a redefining, reorienting geopolitical event,” Romney continued. “Any nation that chose to retain ties with Russia after such an outrage would itself also become a global pariah.”

Romney warned that a “cornered and delusional” Putin could use nuclear weapons in the war against Ukraine, citing warnings from former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, Russian ambassador to the US Anatoly Antonov, and CIA Director William Burns.

Burns warned in April that Putin’s “desperation” could result in the use of “tactical nuclear weapons or low-yield nuclear weapons.”

Romney also encouraged the US to continue to support Ukraine’s war efforts against Russia. If the US stopped sending weapons and pressured Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to concede to Russia, Romney wrote, Putin would continue “invade and subjugate” other nations.

President Joe Biden signed a $40 billion aid package Saturday to assist Ukraine; $20 billion will go towards military assistance.

Romney has been vocal about his disdain of Putin since the start of the war, referring to the Russian president in February as a “small, evil, feral-eyed man” trying to shape Russia into an “empire.” He has also called pro-Putin GOP members “treasonous.”

This week, Russian political scientist Alexei Fenenko told “60 Minutes” that Putin’s invasion of Ukraine was a “rehearsal” for a larger conflict and that they were using the war to “test and go up against” NATO weapons.


  1. It’s time NATO was pro-active, not reactive. How about obliterating the shithole before the “small, evil, feral-eyed man” launches nukes anywhere?

  2. I still doubt very much that mafia land will use any sorts of nukes. The consequences are just too large to calculate. I can imagine big brother bat virus land having issued a warning about this. Even if not, the ones responsible for pushing the button are well aware what a nuclear war would mean to them and their families and the entire country.
    At any rate, NATO or even just the US could do a lot for Ukraine without a single boot on the ground. A simple navy task force in the Black Sea could prevent any missile attacks on Ukraine by mafia ships and/or shoot down any that are fired from mafia waters, which really are Ukrainian waters. And, it could unblock the remaining Ukrainian ports to help get grain shipments to the hungry around the world. Furthermore, we could help Ukraine to cross the Dnepr River near the Black Sea coast to cut off the mafia forces from the Crimea and then to roll up their frontline, concurrently with a Ukrainian assault on the weakest part of the mafia front, further north. US navy ships could provide anti-air and anti-missile cover for Ukrainian ground and air forces.
    Such a measure would shorten the war significantly, save many lives and a lot of money.

    • US navy ships would not survive in the closed waters of the Black Sea. Precisions trikes, however, could close the naval bases at Novorossiysk and Sevastopol, and destroy the Black Sea fleet. Ukraine could handle the weapons and make short work of both.

      If the US follows through on the drones promised, the end of the Black Sea fleet is in sight. The closure of the Kerch bridge would also be in sight.

      • We tend to disagree on the topic of US Navy in the Black Sea. When I look at mafia land’s assets in the region and its performance in the war, I’d even give the pathetic kraut navy a good chance to get something accomplished in there

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