Russian occupiers enroll ship cooks and “heads” of latrines into the ranks of the Marines

The invaders are short of personnel.

Rashisti replenish the horde of marines / photo
Rashisti replenish the horde of marines / photo

The Russian occupiers  are adding ship spinners from other ships to the ranks of the marines, as there is not enough personnel.

Sergey Bratchuk, press secretary of the Odessa Regional Military Administration, reports this in his Telegram .

“In the horde of marines, the Russians are adding ship cooks and heads of latrines from other ships and units of the Black Sea Fleet – there are not enough personnel,” he said.

Bratchuk also noted that the night in Odessa passed without shelling. He also stressed that the defense forces are performing combat missions.

(C)UNIAN 2022


  1. The mafiosi are scraping deeper and deeper for cannon fodder. Next, children from Putler Jugend and old men from Mafiasturm.

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  2. It would be more merciful to take them to the fantail and shoot them there. They won’t even be good cannon fodder.


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