Bait and Neutralize: National Guard of Ukraine Showed How to Destroy russian Heavy Mortars

The National Guard of Ukraine published a video with a step-by-step explanation of how they eliminated a russian 2S4 “Tyulpan” self-propelled heavy mortar

The vehicle depicted in the drone footage is the very same 2S4 “Tyulpan” mortar that ruined the bridge connecting Severodonetsk and Lysychansk cities and shelled residential buildings of Severodonetsk in Eastern Ukraine.

The National Guard’s press service explained how artillerymen of the Ukrainian gendarmerie and the 24th Mechanized Brigade of the Armed Forces managed to take down the 240mm-caliber mortar.

Initially, the 2S4 was baited out of the hangar with a series of strikes on the building. Then, when russians attempted to evacuate the valuable equipment and hide it among the trees and bushes, another strike put the vehicle on fire.

The mortar was spotted by the artillerymen after a strory on russian TV / Photo credit: the National Guard of Ukraine

In addition to the 2S4 “Tyulpan”, the artillery destroyed a whole fleet of other light-armored equipment that wasn’t caught on the video.

Notably, the National Guards troops “thanked russian propagandists for aiming”. Ukrainian adjust fire artillerymen were “aimed” at the enemy equipment after watching a propaganda report on russian television about how a self-propelled mortar fires on the bridge.

Soviet 240 mm self-propelled mortar 2S4 Tyulpan, in background a Tor-M2 9A332 SAM launcher, both presented at Army-2018

As Defense Express reported, the nuclear-capable 2S4 “Tyulpan” mortars were spotted traveling to Ukraine’s border in April. Then, in May, russians redeployed a battery of these weapons along with a unit of “Tornado” multiple rocket launchers to the Izium operational direction. These actions indicate the intention to intensify shelling with heavy artillery systems in Eastern Ukraine, just as the invaders did in Mariupol.


  1. I can just imagine the Russian commander in this Tyulpan, saying to the driver, “quick get in those trees, they never see us there”, BOOM!

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    • Do you think it would make any difference? The orcs are very slow learners. They tried to cross the Donets river again today, same result as the last 3 attempts.

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