Russian Sapsan trains may go to Ukraine – media

The German concern will not supply 9 out of 13 trains to Russia.

Russian Sapsan trains can go to Ukraine / photo temofeev
Russian Sapsan trains can go to Ukraine / photo temofeev

Russia will not receive 9 out of 13 Sapsan trains : they may go to Kazakhstan or Ukraine. 

Deutsche Welle writes about it .

These trains are produced by the German company Siemens , which left the Russian Federation.

The Germans still have a contract with Russian Railways for the supply of 13 trains worth 1.1 billion euros, four of which were delivered. 

It was decided to complete the remaining trains and, according to Deutsche Welle, offer them to Kazakhstan or Ukraine.

Thus, Russian Railways lost the supply and service of high-speed trains, which since the end of 2009 have been running along the most prestigious route in the country, Moscow – St. Petersburg. 

As UNIAN wrote, the German company Siemens announced its withdrawal from the Russian market. The company’s profits have fallen, and the risks due to anti-Russian sanctions have increased.

Earlier it was reported that  Deutsche Bahn will engage in passenger transportation in Ukraine from 2022.

(C)UNIAN 2022


  1. Another reason I can point out how my coworker’s concerns about me risking my life with the November visit to Kyiv, are groundless. The way he talks about it, he seems to think the war means that Russian and Ukrainian bullets are flying everywhere, and all the countryside is covered in fire. I know I’ll be amused when I come back with pictures and a few souvenirs. Maybe my coworker will even be impressed by the Ukrainian churches, he’s a very religious man.

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    • I’ll also make sure he knows that the war is not a “wag the dog” situation to hide biden’s incompetence, because it is only by the valiant efforts of Ukraine’s bravest men and women, that I would be safe from the Russians. Even though I would be an American tourist in November, from a “neutral” country, I expect putin would still be happy to attack Americans if he felt that biden would let him get away with it.

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