Opinion poll: Odessans are for NATO, renaming streets, but against the demolition of the monument to Catherine

“Dumskaya” conducted a sociological study. With the help of our interns, political science students, we interviewed 1,063 people on the streets of the city.

The survey was conducted by the “face to face” method in all districts of the city on a sample corresponding to the age and sex structure of the population (at the moment before the start of the full-scale invasion of Nazi Russia). The field stage was held from 10 to 16 May. The sampling error is 3%.

We were interested in how the opinion of the inhabitants of Odessa changed after the start of an open war, rocket attacks on the city, which led to the death of civilians, including civilians. Recall that in September 2021 a survey was conducted in Odessa , then 68% fully or partially agreed with Vladimir Putin’s statement that Russians and Ukrainians are one people. And European integration was supported by only 20% of respondents.

Only 28% of Odessa residents who worked before the full-scale invasion retained their income in full after it began. For 39% of employees, incomes fell, and 33% were fired or closed the business.

44% support renaming streets named after Russian or Soviet figures. 35% want to leave everything as it is, and 6% want to return the old names, such as Marshal Zhukov Avenue.

74% want to leave a monument to Catherine II in place. Only 7% would like to demolish it completely. And another 7% agree to remove only the statue of Catherine, leaving the “founders of the city.”

49% of those polled would support Ukraine’s accession to NATO in a referendum. 22% would be against it. Phenomenal result for Odessa!

We also found out the attitude of Odessa residents to the division of beaches into zones with paid services and free ones. The vast majority go to “free” beaches – 56%. 20% do not go to the sea at all. Only 3% of Odessa residents visit exclusively paid areas of beaches. And 20% sometimes go to “paid” and sometimes to “free”.


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