From the FB page: The Heartbeat of Ukraine

I hour ago

The three commanders of the Azov steel plant defenders left their grounds last after over 2000 troops. They surrendered as were ordered.
Immediately their phones were off and they stepped into the unknown…

“Redis” – Azov Corps commander
“Kalyna” – Deputy commander of Azov Corps
“Volyna” – Marine Corps Commander


  1. God help these brave men. They are now in the hands of degenerates and fiends.

    May the orcs all return quickly to where they came from: the anus of the Lord of the Flies.

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    • These heroes will represent Ukraine while on “trial” in Moskovia and the world will see how Vladolf treats Ukrainians. I will pray for them but I do not think they have a chance to return to the country they love. Now they are in an ocean of chaos and evil. Another problem is the Kremlin has convinced half the media that these guys are neo-nazis. They are likely to repeat that even though they are in custody of the real nazis.

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