Documentary: The true horror of Russia’s war in Ukraine | On The Ground


  1. 13 minutes of unbearable horror in Bel Trew’s documentary.
    If you can manage to get through it without shedding a tear, it would be surprising.
    Inevitable conclusions: Putin’s nazi Russia is more evil than Hitler’s third reich.
    All Russians who support Yedinaya Rossiya are guilty.
    Russian cities need to suffer the same destruction as Ukrainian cities.
    Russia must be de-nazified forever.

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  2. Flats were systematically looted. Soldiers threw grenades at civilians just for fun.

    “Torture, rape, summary executions, mass graves and disappearances.“

    Ten days of torture was suffered by 10 men; civilians with no military links. They were bound, blindfolded, beaten, electrocuted and threatened with rape and genital mutilation. One man was slowly beaten to death in front of the others.

    The testimonies of the brave witnesses are shattering.

    This agony is precisely what the entire membership of the kremlin murder gang need to suffer before they slither back to hell where they originated.

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