Britain wants to arm Moldova in line with NATO standards

Britain wants to arm Moldova in line with NATO standards

21.05.2022 14:00

London has begun talks with allies on sending modern weapons to Moldova according to NATO standards to ensure that the country can defend itself against Russia.

This was stated in an interview with the Telegraph by British Foreign Minister Liz Truss, according to Ukrinform.

“I would want to see Moldova equipped to NATO standard. This is a discussion we’re having with our allies,” Truss said.

Moldova is not a member of NATO, and there are fears that it may become Putin’s next target after Ukraine, as Russia seeks territorial expansion.

According to Truss, Putin has stated absolutely clearly his ambitions to create a greater Russia, and the fact that his attempts to seize Kyiv have failed does not mean that he has abandoned those ambitions.

If Moldova’s weapons plans are adopted, NATO members will provide the country with modern arms, replacing the Soviet-era equipment, and teach soldiers how to use them.

Photo: Simon Dawson / No. 10 Downing Street


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  1. I think that this is a waste of time and effort for now. It is much more imperative to arm Ukraine to the teeth. Once the mafia army is defeated, Moldova will be automatically out of any dangers.

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