US weapons arrive in Ukraine in less than a day, sometimes within hours  

American allies extremely quickly saturate Ukraine with the necessary weapons to strengthen our army. Arms deliveries occur during the day, and in some cases – within a few hours.

This was announced by the representative of the US Embassy in Ukraine Dan Langenkemp.

“All weapons come from US warehouses, which are already ready. That is, we quickly find ways to transport it. It reaches Ukraine in hours, sometimes even in less than a day. I mean, imagine how fast it is. For example, as with howitzers: we announced them, they arrived, and almost all of them are already used in Ukraine,” said Dan Langenkemp.

Recall that yesterday a new batch of weapons began to be sent from the United States – 18 M777 howitzers and 18 vehicles for towing them, as well as three radars for counter-battery combat and other equipment.



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