US to give Ukraine Patriot missile systems – The Washington Post

The United States will finance the transfer of these weapons to Ukraine as part of a new aid package.

Ukraine will receive Patriot air defense systems from the United States / Illustration REUTERS
Ukraine will receive Patriot air defense systems from the United States / Illustration REUTERS

The United States will transfer Patriot anti-aircraft missile systems to Ukraine. They will be part of a new $40 billion aid package recently approved by the Senate.

It is reported by  The Washington Post .

The new aid package, approved on Thursday, May 19, provides for $20 billion in military assistance to Ukraine. According to the publication, the United States plans to finance the transfer of weapons systems such as Patriot and long-range artillery to the Ukrainian army.

In addition, the aid package included more than $8 billion in general economic support for Ukraine, almost $5 billion in global food aid, and more than $1 billion in support for refugees.

Patriot is an anti-aircraft missile system designed to destroy short-range ballistic missiles, aircraft and cruise missiles.

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  1. Better late than never, or?
    Why now? Did Ukraine have to prove its meddle first? If so, in my opinion, it has already done so for two months.

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  2. Read the captions on this video and see that there still is common decency and bravery in mafia land.

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  3. The way I read it, TWP indicated Patriot as an example of what ‘might’ be supplied ….I’m dubious that will happen but won’t rule it out completely.

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  4. To be fair, I do think the Biden administration has been working on this for longer.

    I also had read rumours on multiple websites that there are in fact 11 Ukrainian pilots training on F-16 fighter jets in the U.S.

    The many billions allocated to Ukraine does indicate that heavier weapons such as fighter planes and Patriots are finally coming to Ukraine.

    I hope the training was going on behind the scenes for quite some time.

    I hope it is not just hopium from my side.

    And before people accuse me of being a Biden shill: there is no question it is waaaaaaaay too late. But I think finally something is happening.

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    • Bert I pray you’re right but over the course of these many months I’ve heard too much bullshit to just believe. I wish and pray you’re right.

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