Skabeeva disgraced herself on the air, calling for the destruction of the Ukrainian railway (video)

Propagandists are outraged by the rapid restoration of Ukrainian infrastructure after the shelling, as well as the visits of Western politicians by rail.

Skabeeva has a new hysteria over Ukraine / screenshot
Skabeeva has a new hysteria over Ukraine / screenshot

Russian propagandist Olga Skabeeva is having another tantrum over Ukraine. This time, she was outraged by the stable operation of the Ukrainian railway, despite the shelling, and the visits of Western politicians to Kyiv along it.

A recording of one of the recent broadcasts was published by the Telegram channel “Thoughts of the engineer Motrisa”.

In the video, Skabeeva complains that the Russian invaders have not been able to destroy the railway since the beginning of the full-scale invasion. Visits by trains to Kyiv by Western diplomats, including those from the United States, Skabeeva called “mocking.

In response, one of the guests present in the studio said that Ukraine has a developed network of railways. “Can’t we destroy a few points?” the propagandist asked him. In response, he said that the railways and bridges were being restored in a matter of days.

“Following your logic, there was no need to even start if everything is so easily restored,” Skabeeva said with hysterical laughter.

Recently, Russian propagandists threw a tantrum on the air, discussing Ukraine’s ability to militarily return the temporarily Russian-occupied Donbass and Crimea. Military expert and Colonel Mikhail Khodarenok said that it was necessary to leave the war, and propagandist Olga Skabeeva did not find convincing counterarguments, so she could only note that “surrender is impossible.”

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