Putin decided to go to war with Ukraine after a ritual with shamans – Russian publicist

According to him, the invasion was preceded by at least two rituals with shamans.

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin decided to invade Ukraine after a ritual with shamans.

This version was voiced by the Russian historian, political analyst, publicist Valery Solovey on Feigin LIVE.

According to him, there were two rituals – one in Bocharov Creek, and the second in the Altai Territory.

“Those who inspired him to feats of arms, who led him to the fact that he actually canceled the original plan of Gerasimov (Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation – UNIAN), they paid dearly for this. Gerasimov’s original plan provided that the Russian troops within three weeks will cross the borders of Ukraine. It was about bombing, bombing, hitting with rockets, using artillery, using the air force … Only after the military-civilian infrastructure is blown up, start an offensive, “said Solovei .

According to him, these shamans were brought to Putin by Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, who “hurried to become a marshal of victory.” Nightingale added that the Russian dictator believed them, because his experience of communicating with them dates back to zero.

(C)UNIAN 2022

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