Previously closed enterprises start working in Ukraine: Shmyhal announced figures

In recent months, more than 20 thousand new FLPs have been opened.

Business in Ukraine starts working again / photo
Business in Ukraine starts working again / photo

The number of domestic enterprises that completely stopped their activities has decreased from 32% to 17% since the beginning of the war.

Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal announced this during a government meeting.

“Deregulation, tax cuts, 0% loans, assistance with logistics – all this allowed a significant part of the business to return to work. The number of enterprises that completely stopped their activities has almost halved compared to the outbreak of hostilities – from 32 to 17%. Over 20,000 new sole proprietors have been opened in recent months, which actually corresponds to the figures for 2021,” he said.

Shmygal said that more than 215 thousand enterprises have chosen to switch to a new tax system, according to which the rate is only 2%. These are more than 44 thousand legal entities and 173 thousand individual entrepreneurs.

“Thanks to the expansion of lending programs at 0%, we are seeing a significant increase in lending, including for investment purposes. Since February 24 this year, almost 6,000 businesses across the country have taken advantage of this program, and the total amount of lending amounted to UAH 20.5 billion” added the Prime Minister.

(C)UNIAN 2022


  1. Excellent! While the Russians see what happens when putin toys around with restarting old marxist ideas, the Ukrainians can show what happens with the rocketing increase of free market capitalism. One of my coworkers has been arguing to convince me to give up on visiting Ukraine. For his own reasons, he seems absolutely certain that it’s always been a poverty-stricken third-world country over there. I’d tried showing him the articles about Ukrainian modernization both on this news blog, and elsewhere, but I think he’s stuck on the perception he saw of the USSR in the 1980’s. Back when Ukraine had a “the” before its name. He doesn’t seem to be deliberately insulting, but it’s trying my patience, especially when I’m expecting to marry Liudmila.

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    • There are still some signs of poverty and lack of modernization but I have always found them charming and humbling in Ukraine. I remember one visit I took a bunch of frisbees to give to children. I showed them how to throw it and they giggled and oooed and aaaahed. Then started rolling them around. Sometimes you’ll see dozens of mostly boys playing with a soccer ball all day on a barren field and a mangled goal post. They don’t care, they do the best with what they have and you are seeing that same character in Ukraine now during one of the worst period in their history since the invasion of Genghis Khan. You and Ludmilla will make your own stories too Mac.

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      • Thank you. I appreciate this very much. 🥰

        I’ll encourage her to post her own comments here when I meet her. The foreign brides website (which has set up donations for the defense of Ukraine, they have an epically patriotic video I wanted to paste in) also has English lessons that I was able to send her. I want to do all I can to see her express herself and have a good life in marriage.

        I’ll see if I can get that video later. It’s a lot of intense military activities set to the tune of the Ukrainian national anthem.

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        • Nice. That is needed very much now. I play the national anthem on the piano every day at noon just to remind Ukraine’s Angels they have support from the US too. You’re lucky Mac, when I started dating my wife all we had was email, lol. There was Skype at the time but it was like $4 a minute so we did very little of that. Google translate is very good and with voice control it’s even better.

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          • Okay so I found that video! Or at least a version with most of the same footage, and the anthem with translated lyrics. The first version I saw had the clip of those bravely defiant guards on Snake Island telling the Russian warship to go fuck themselves. I couldn’t find the original, but this is so close it might’ve been made by the same person!

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            • Hahaha, nice. I’ve seen that a thousand times. I love it. The combined telethon in Ukraine play that during their station breaks. We use a Firestick and stream Ukrainian TV. They have another clip that uses another old folk song that’s nice too. Thanks Mac!

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