“Peaceful” Belarus assured that they would not attack Ukraine: We are not a party to the conflict

The Prime Minister of Belarus said that the country “rules out an attack on any state.”

Belarus says they are not going to attack Ukraine / belarus.by
Belarus says they are not going to attack Ukraine / belarus.by

Prime Minister of Belarus Roman Golovchenko made a number of cynical statements about Ukraine. In particular, he stated that Belarus is a “peaceful state” and its Constitution “excludes aggression from its territory against other states.” Despite this, it is from the territory of Belarus that the Russians fire rockets at peaceful Ukrainian cities.

Golovchenko stated this in an interview with Al Arabiya, informs the Belarusian state media BELTA .

“The collective West is trying in every possible way to label us as either an aggressor or a co-aggressor. It is beneficial for them – they need to justify the pressure on the country with something, but Belarus is not a party to the conflict and does not intend to participate by force in its resolution. And this has been repeatedly noted by us at all levels, in particular by the President. Belarus is a peaceful country, our Constitution excludes aggression from its territory against other states,” Golovchenko said.

He assured that Belarus allegedly excludes an attack on any country. At the same time, Golovchenko did not mention the deployment of the Russian military on the territory of the country and the launching of missiles from its territory across Ukraine.

In addition, the Belarusian prime minister did not say that Russian invaders use Belarusian airports, and Belarusians service their military equipment.

As you know, since the beginning of the full-scale invasion on February 24, Russian troops have entered Ukraine, including from Belarus. In April, the Armed Forces of Ukraine ousted Russian troops from the northern regions of the country, the invaders retreated to the territory of Belarus, from where they were redeployed to Russian territory and then again to Ukrainian territory.

From the territory of Belarus, the Russian Federation periodically launches missiles at Ukrainian facilities.

According to the Ukrainian military expert, reserve colonel Oleg Zhdanov, Russian President Putin is forcing Lukashenka to strike in the direction of Lutsk-Lviv. 

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  1. Belarus is as guilty as mafia land, and will suffer the same. No squirming out of this one Luka. You chose sides, you also get the consequences.

    • Yep! When Luka allowed Russia to use his territory, he became a participant. They won’t wriggle out of this. Besides, he did send troops in and withdrew them when they wouldn’t fight.

  2. The loony Luka regime is every bit as guilty as mafia land. But, it’s nice to see the first signs of defense from them. This means that they have very little confidence that the Kremlin rat will win this war.

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