From FB page Pray for Ukraine

Lena Vorobets May 19

After some of the Azovstal soldiers came out, Russia is still not agreeing for the exchange. In their DUMA meeting they called them “Nazis”, said they need to be judged for “killing civilians” and discussed reinstating death penalty. All of this just makes me sick. These people in the Russian government and media are so twisted I have no words. Russia attacked Ukraine, killed and tortured thousands of innocent people, destroyed Mariupol… And now they are discussing taking our soldiers who were defending their country and bringing them to their sham court, to judge them for the crimes they themselves committed??? They are even offering residents money for saying that Azov did something to them. Plus, these soldiers are from different battalions.

God, please, look at this, and destroy all these evil plans. Free these brave men. Open the doors for them to return home, in the name of Jesus! And let this lying twisted spirit that wants to blacken their names be crushed under Your feet. You can do anything, Lord. Step in and don’t let evil prevail. We ask for the international community to be involved, for the right people to be involved, for the doors to be opened. Do the impossible, God. 🙏🙏🙏


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