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May 19

Kim Sengupta

A British businessman living in London has bought two warplanes to help Ukraine’s armed forces in the ongoing war against Russia, it is reported.

Multi-millionaire Mohammad Zahoor, who is married to a popular Ukrainian singer, has been involved in mobilising funds and aid and helping to resettle refugees from the country in the UK and other parts of Europe.

Mr Zahoor, 66, purchased the aircraft, believed to be jet fighters, after holding talks with Ukrainian officials. His wife, Kamalia, said in an interview with Ukrainian media that her husband was at first reticent about publicising his military assistance, but now “Zahoor has given me the green light to tell”.

As well as the warplanes, said Ms Zahoor, her husband is also currently engaged in constructing a £1m housing project for Ukrainian refugees in Germany.

Two Ukrainian officials said that they were aware of Mr Zahoor’s plans to donate the planes, but could not go into details due to reasons of security and confidentiality.


  1. The Mrs is quite a looker! If all successful business people, celebrities etc with a few quid in the bank who are supporters of of Ukraine, all chipped in, the Air Force would soon be quite formidable.
    Celebs with Ukrainian antecedents like Leonardo DiCaprio and Steven Spielberg gave several millions too.
    I’m guessing this Muhammad fellow would have bought planes that Ukrainian pilots can handle, like MiGs? Or maybe he bought a couple of Typhoons?

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