Defenders of Azovstal convoyed to torture jails – media

Ukrainian prisoners of war, including the defenders of Azovstal, are being transferred to a pre-trial detention center in a number of regions of the russian federation. This is reported by the project with reference to its sources.

The curators of the Federal Service for Execution of Punishment of russia are reportedly preparing ” sweatboxes” and in-cell agents to torture the military.

The FSEP, the Investigative Committee of Russia and the Prosecutor General’s Office were instructed to assist the FSB in preparing a large trial of “neo-Nazis and Banderites”, – the media project notes.

According to project sources, the trial of prisoners of war may take place in moscow or in one of the major cities of the “LDNR”. The military is in favor of holding this process in the “LDNR”, where there is no moratorium on capital punishment.

“The government and the FSB are inclined to hold a meeting in moscow in order to involve foreign journalists in monitoring the process, but only if the in-cell agents and FSB/FSEP operatives provide the necessary testimony. The source reports an unspoken order to “snub” everyone who refuses to “cooperate with the investigation”, – the newspaper notes.

As previously reported, the State Duma of the russian federation wants to ban the exchange of fighters from the Azov Battalion.

(C)OSTROV 2022


  1. This is the very reason they were so hesitant to come out from Azovstal.
    SOMEWHERE, ANYWHERE! This barbarian mentality must not be tolerated! God Almighty, has our species devolved to such incipit mentality? These Ukrainian Defenders have already endured the inconceivable! To allow Russia to further punish these POW Soldiers, as criminals, is
    unconscionable! If none stand against these maniacal tactics of brutality, then all are responsible and accountable in the
    Eyes of Our Creator.

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    • As I understand it, security guarantees and international rules for military prisoners was promised by Putler himself. Also as I understand it these soldiers were ordered by Zelensky to go with the Russians and they agreed to a prisoner swap.
      But as always Putin lies and the Moskali nation has no honor. Now the situation is exactly as you described and we will keep posting news about this barbarism the misfits engage in.
      It also appears Putler is not interested in prisoner swaps since Ukraine has thousands of orcs. He does not even care about his own men.

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    • This, unfortunately, is the sorts of things that the cockroaches in Russia have been doing for years. Look at the Donbas, Syria, Chechnya, Georgia and in their own country. That’s what we have been exposing for eight, long years. And, this makes it all the more disgusting to see so many people in the West not seeing what monsters they have been doing business with and appeasing and having endless dialogues with, although more than enough evidence was at hand.
      Yes, after Bucha and Irpen and so forth, these brave men and women knew why they didn’t want to surrender. Of course, it was their sense of duty and their love of the country that made then endure the horrors for so long, but it was also the awareness that they will go through more horrors and might likely get murdered in the end.
      My hate for mafia land is unfathomable. My hate for everyone making excesses for these criminals and being on friendly terms with them too.

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