Absolutely incredible interview with Wladimir Klitscho


  1. Love this guy. Dignity, compassion, honesty and powerful integrity.
    Compare that with the demonic nazi next door and his verminous followers.
    Has there ever in history been a clearer battle between the forces of good and evil? I think not.
    Putler and his murder gang are indeed worse than Hitler.

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    • Having a Jew run Ukraine and stand up to the bully Putin just sent him into a tizzy fit. I remember when they were on stage in Paris with Merkel and Macron, he just had a fit when the talks were over and he was pointing right at Zelensky.

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  2. Klitschko had always been a sympathetic person, and his brother too, and so I will speak of both. They were smart, down to earth, fair, compassionate and highly-skilled sportsmen. I’ve always had respect for them, and that is not true for the majority of boxers. But, since they both remained in the country despite the war and do what they could to help defend it, even though they could easily have left to a safer place, outside the country, my respect for them has jumped by leaps and bounds. It is very difficult to think of other prominent persons with higher integrity and courage.

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