Ukraine: The police officer who lost his family in one Russian strike


By James Waterhouse
BBC News, Borodyanka, Ukraine

May 18

Ivan Simoroz stands on what remains of the family home
Image caption, Ivan Simoroz stands on what remains of his family’s home

At first, I couldn’t see the damage to Ivan Simoroz’s parent’s home in the Ukrainian town of Borodyanka, near Kyiv. Then I realised that was because there was nothing left that resembled a home.


  1. Such profound loss inflicted on this man by the unprovoked terrorism of a dwarf sadist. I can not even imagine what that has been like for him, and yet he still bravely goes on helping others. Every day this continues more innocent people will suffer.

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    • These stories coming out of Ukraine just rip your heart out. Ukraine is providing the strength, dignity, determination and love for freedom inspiring the world. There is not enough punishment possible for the ruSSo-nazis to compensate for the pain they have inflicted upon peaceful, beautiful Ukraine. Moscow must be ripped up by the roots after this!

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