Germany takes away state privileges of ex-chancellor Schroeder

Controversial move comes after criticism of Schroeder for close ties to Russia, Putin


Germany decided to remove former Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder’s office and staff on Thursday following growing pressure from media and pro-Ukrainian politicians.

The parliament’s budgetary committee agreed on new rules for state privileges of former chancellors, Green Party lawmaker Sven Kindler said on Twitter.

Former chancellors will be given an office and staff only if they have continuing obligations after the end of their term, according to the new rules.

Kindler said as Schroeder does not have ongoing obligations, he will no longer have an office.

Schroeder has come under heavy criticism after Russia’s military operations in Ukraine because of his close ties with Moscow and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The Social Democrat served as chancellor from 1998 to 2005.


  1. This bastard doesn’t need an office in Germany, he already has one in Moscow. The damage has already been done though, him and Merkel are responsible for Russia holding Europe hostage over gas and oil.

  2. He should be thrown into a cold, moist dungeon and left to rot … literally. Putler is, of course, in the next cell, doing the same.

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