West must avert long-term war in Ukraine – US Gen Wesley Clark

West must avert long-term war in Ukraine – US Gen. Wesley Clark


  1. “It can be broken if Ukraine has the combat power to immediately push back the Russians in Donbas, slice in through Kherson, close off Russian access to Ukraine from Ukrainian Crimea, go in both directions on the south coast – clean them out.
    “It can also be done if Ukraine fights a mobile defense. Let [the Russians] come into Donbas, and then close it off.”
    And, according to him, both options require tanks, self-propelled artillery, attack helicopters, ground-attack aircraft like Su jets, F-16s, or A-10s. Also, intelligence and logistics is needed to support this.”

    Exactly. Could not agree more.
    Budapest signatories: do your job.

  2. This is something for the perpetual Geritol drinker to learn. We should also use our powerful navy to help the Avozstal defenders and unblock the Ukrainian ports.
    Why do we always have such jellyfish as presidents lately???

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