War in Ukraine: how far will Putin go? The Economist


  1. And there you have it. The Economist thinks that putler will stop if he’s given his own Yalta. They may well be right. But it cannot be allowed to go ahead.
    Only a totally crushed putinazi economy, a crushed putinazi army and a 180° turn will suffice now.

    • What we do need is a leader to come down hard on Putin, and tell him any nukes, no matter how big or small, will result in devastation of Russia. We need to start throwing the threats back at Russia and their propagandists. Hack into Russian state TV, and say the same to the Russian public.

      • Indeed so.
        “Roger Wicker said In a 2021 interview with Neil Cavuto about the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, Wicker said the U.S. should not “rule out first-use nuclear action” as an option to support Ukraine.”

        That’s the right man for the moment, not Biden.

    • That is a good idea Bill. Also, I think there is already some legislation in D.C. to do that but I don’t know what the status is. It should be a slam dunk.

  2. How far will Putin go?
    Ask Biden, Obama, Macron, Scholz, Merkel, Sarkozy, the UN, the EU, PACE, OSCE, and so on and so forth.
    The crime-ridden rat will go as far as jellyfish will allow him. Period.

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