Russians seize enterprises and financial institutions in Donetsk region – intelligence

The Russian invaders are trying to attach these enterprises to the so-called “DNR”.

Russia occupied part of the Donetsk region / photo REUTERS
Russia occupied part of the Donetsk region / photo REUTERS

On the territory of the Donetsk region, Russians seize strategic enterprises and financial institutions, steal everything of value from safes and terminals.

This was reported by the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

At the same time, in the temporarily occupied territories of the Donetsk region, Russian invaders are trying to attach these enterprises to the so-called “DPR”. “For this, the “State Defense Committee of the DPR”, chaired by Pushilin, decided to “nationalize” strategic enterprises. All valuables found in bank safes and payment terminals fall under this procedure,” intelligence reports.

The report says that the occupiers are also trying to set up the work of critical infrastructure institutions, sending them “tested personnel.” At the same time, intelligence notes that the mass mobilization carried out by the “DPR” authorities caused an acute shortage of employees at most facilities in the temporarily occupied territories. In particular, the leadership of the “Donetsk Railway” appealed to the occupation administrations with a request to demobilize their employees to carry out urgent measures to repair and maintain the railway infrastructure. “On the other hand, in the absence of a mobilization resource,” the authorities of the DPR “send to war not only employees of strategic enterprises, but also students of higher educational institutions, people with chronic diseases and even the disabled,” the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine notes.

The message says that as part of the policy of saving financial resources, the Donetsk “leaders” reduce wages for the “mobilized” at their main place of work – employers were allowed to charge them the so-called “bare” salary without any allowances and bonuses. Which is much less than the usual average monthly earnings.

Denis Pushilin, the leader of the “DPR” terrorists, previously controlled by Russia, said that the Russian invaders intend to demolish the Azovstal plant, they bombed heavily for several months.

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  1. Perhaps this is a signal the orcs are preparing to leave? They attack infrastructure and banks? Neither will benefit the people there but will only make people leave and line the pockets of the local mafia.

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