Russian Troops Flee From Ukrainian Shells in Strike Caught on Video

krainian artillery of 28th Separate Mechanized Brigade reportedly destroyed Russian self-propelled artillery and ammunition in Ukraine in May 2022.@28BRIGADE/ZENGER

On-the-run Russian troops abandoned their equipment and fled after an artillery strike devastated their hidden position, say Ukrainian military leaders.

Video of the purported attack shows Russian troops and armor dug into what looks to be a natural escarpment in the landscape.

But within a few minutes, the position is turned to smoke and fire as the Russian troops abandon their military hardware to escape the bombardment.

Several soldiers can be seen fleeing as fire rages in the camp behind them.

Trucks and armored vehicles can be seen apparently abandoned in the scramble to escape.

And plumes of smoke can be seen belching from the position as the shells rain down on the positions.

Zenger News obtained the video on Sunday from the 28th Separate Mechanized Brigade named after the Knights of the First Winter Campaign.


The brigade said: “This is how such a striking solo was ‘played’ by our knightly artillery on the identified enemy positions.

“The racists were so impressed by such masterful execution that they fled faster than their ACS Hosta [self-propelled artillery] burned and detonated ammunition.”

The brigade, which is a formation of the Ukrainian Ground Forces, did not reveal where in Ukraine the footage was filmed.

Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24 in what the Kremlin is now calling a “special military operation” to “protect Donbass.”

It initially said the operation was to “demilitarize and denazify” Ukraine.

Monday marks the 82nd day of the invasion.

From February 24 to May 16, the total combat losses of Russian troops stand at around 27,700 personnel, according to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian military also says that Russia has lost 1,228 tanks, 2,974 armored fighting vehicles, 577 artillery systems, 195 multiple launch rocket systems, 89 anti-aircraft systems, 200 warplanes, 165 helicopters, 2,101 motor vehicles and fuel tankers, 13 vessels, 427 unmanned aerial vehicles, 42 units of special equipment and 97 cruise missiles.

This update comes as Ukrainian officials say troops counter-attacking near Kharkiv in north-eastern Ukraine have reached the Russian border.

The symbolic moment comes as Russian forces focus their efforts on the eastern Donbas region and southern Ukraine.

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg has said the Russian invasion is not going to plan and that Ukraine can win the war.

Ukrainian officials have also said that 3,000 or more residents of devastated Mariupol are being held in a so-called ‘filtration camp’ in occupied Donetsk Oblast.

Russian filtration camps have been compared by some of the displaced Ukrainians held within them to concentration camps.

Meanwhile, fast food giant McDonald’s has said it will exit Russia and has already started a process to sell its business there after 30 years of operation in the country.


  1. In this war, Ukraine’s artillery has emerged as the shiniest stars upon the battlefields.

      • Cool! But, I wonder why there are so many craters spread across the fields. Do you know any more about this place?

    • Let’s not forget the javelins and the drones. In fact if it wasn’t for our heroes the equipment would be useless.

  2. For all those willing to give of themselves in defense of Ukraine from camo makers, cooks working under shelling to feed their neighbors, makers of maltovs, first responders, medics, artillery, armor, infantry, marines, territorial defense units, drone enthusiasts, navy, pilots, and so many support crew maintaining and getting things where needed. I salute you! 🇺🇦

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