Explosions rock Melitopol, people unable to leave for Zaporizhia – media

A powerful explosion thundered in the occupied Melitopol, after which the townspeople heard a shootout, according to the local RIA-Melitopol website.

According to the online edition, on Wednesday in Melitopol at about 10.00 an explosion thundered, which was heard in all parts of the city.

As local residents reported on social networks, the houses of many of them vibrated from the explosion, and shooting was also heard in the streets. Local residents write that they “blew up the railway.” But there is no exact information about the incident yet.

Also, according to information from Melitopol residents posted in local social networks, the fact that those wishing to evacuate from Melitopol to Zaporizhia could not leave the city is also connected with the explosion.

In addition, the RIA-Melitopol information also refers to a grenade explosion in the area of ​​Schmidt Street, where the commandant’s office of the occupiers is located, and where a “high-ranking official” was expected to visit today.



  1. Sounds like the partisans are welcoming Russian trash. Let’s hope it’s a preparation for Melitopol to be liberated.

  2. Prayerfully rashist air support goes up in flames there also. From other reports, sounds like more high ranking orc officials were eliminated at their “get together”.

  3. Not long ago I read a report about the difficulties that the cockroaches have with controlling the occupied areas, in particular Kherson and Melitopol. This is a continuation of such problems, which, for us, are highly welcome.

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