As Russia bombards Odesa, Soviet-friendly mayor rebrands as patriot

As Russia bombards Odesa, Soviet-friendly mayor rebrands as patriot


  1. “My perception has changed, unfortunately. I did not expect that the Russian people would hate us, Ukrainian people, so much,” said Trukhanov. “It’s shocking to me.”

    He got it at last. Better late than never. Odesa and Mykolaiv are so important for Ukraine that the US and UK navy really should enter the Black Sea and perform the tasks of Ukraine’s non-existent (only for now hopefully) navy.
    No Odesa, no Ukraine.
    No Mykolaiv, no Ukraine.
    No Kherson, no Ukraine.

    The putlnazis know this; do the the allies?

  2. This guy is no patriot, he’s just another one of the many Putin lovers that has held Ukraine back for 30 years. He should be in prison alongside Medvedchuk.

    • My understanding from contacts in the region was exactly as you say.
      But, he seems to have had a Damascene conversion. I guess the Ukrainians will know better than I if it’s all a sham. For what it’s worth (not a lot), I think he may be genuine.

  3. Even if UK and US willing, is Turkey allowing warships of any kind into the Black Sea? In light of many mines free floating around at the very least a demining operation needs to be conducted. I’m still all for a coalition to protect and defend exports out of Odessa, but more than that I’m all for a coalition going in and littering the sea floor with the orc fleet.

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