Artillery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the command post of the brigade of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation  

The command post of the 810th separate marine brigade of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation (military unit 13140, Sevastopol) was destroyed by Ukrainian artillery.

This was reported by the Strategic Communications Department of the Office of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Three enemy officers were killed and 14 wounded.

In particular, the temporary acting officers were seriously wounded. brigade commander Colonel Yan Sukhanov, Acting Acting Major Leonid Smirnov, commander of the 382nd Separate Marine Battalion, Major Leonid Smirnov, Head of Communications of the Brigade, Captain Andrey Bushmin, Commander of the 542nd Airborne Assault Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel Alexei Teremkov, and Commander of the Howitzer Self-Propelled Artillery Battery of the 546th Separate Howitzer Self-Propelled Artillery Battalion, Captain Viktor Yershov. The last one had his arm cut off.



  1. The siege to take Sevastopol has begun! Justice is coming and the flags of Ukraine will be flying over the Ukrainian Black Sea Fleet! I hope they write “For Mariupol” on every shell.
    Slava Ukraini~~!!

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