Watch: Russian BMP IFV entering a minefield and exploding

KYIV, ($1=29.55 Ukrainian Hryvnias) — A drone has captured the power of anti-tank mines and their use in the war in Ukraine. A Russian infantry vehicle enters a minefield, activates the chain reaction of at least two mines [two consecutive explosions], and explodes. This can be seen in a video shared on social networks.

There is no information on where and when this incident happened. It may have been at the beginning of the war or only recently. It is noteworthy that despite the relatively high speed of the BMP, it can not avoid the striking power of anti-tank mines.

A drone recorded the whole incident and the recording shows that before the recorded explosion, there was another explosion of another BMP, which also fell into a minefield. The second BMP surrounds the detonated first BMP and activates the other “sleeping” part of the minefield. reminds us that many countries supply Ukraine with different types of landmines: anti-tank and anti-personnel mines. The main tactic used in the construction of a minefield is to place several anti-tank mines in a network at a distance from each other, but not too separated. The entire anti-tank network is then covered with sand, stones, and leaves, or materials from the environment, so that the driver of the enemy vehicle does not see the anti-tank mines or pay attention to “something different on the road”.


  1. This idiot didn’t think that the Ukrainians would also place mines to the left and to the right?
    Well, some mistakes are final mistakes.

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