Pro-Ukraine protest announced in annexed Crimea 

On May 18, a pro-Ukrainian protest is expected to take place in the capital of Russia-annexed Crimea, Simferopol.

The initiative is titled “Simferopol, time to come home,” and was announced via Facebook on May 17.

To prevent Russian occupation authorities from disrupting the protest, the exact time and place for the march will be announced later.

“To come out and protest is to assert the right for your own home,” the announcement reads.

“It’s to honor the Crimean Tatar deportation victims and those who died in (this) war, and to condemn Russia’s invasion; it’s to support Ukraine’s territorial integrity.”

The activists urge locals to join the protest and carry yellow ribbons.


  1. So much for Crimea being Russian. I’m not sure this is the wisest course of action at the moment. Revealing your identities could get you all shot.

  2. Perhaps a better course would be to weave a covert network of like minded and oppressed individuals gathering tools and information as to how to exploit orc weaknesses in the peninsula. Those that go ahead, I get it, but I pray for your divine protection and that the eyes of the orcs be blinded to your actions. Praise God for those that work behind the scenes to thwart the oppression and repression of the dwarf and his demons.

    • Its time for a real referendum in Ukrainian Crimea, we will see what the orcs do but if they don’t behave there will be twice as many Ukrainians show up the next day.

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